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I’m Janka Schwertner, the dreamer and designer behind pici and the city. (”Pici” means tiny in Hungarian, and rhymes with itsy-bitsy.)

I graduated as a garment designer then completed my degree in tourism as well, and my love of city life took over so I only found my way back to the sewing machine after the birth of my first child. Now I’m staying put!

I’m creating clothes for babies and toddlers inspired by freedom, discovery and joy. I individually sew knee-patches on all my pantaloons, so no babies have to hold back when exploring! Set them free on the floor and let them discover the world together with you. Let’s see where they will go, what they are interested in!

I enjoy the infinite possibilites of mixing and matching when it comes to my clothes. My favourites are  black and white, but grey is also a colour I often use, from creamy hues to dark graphite. I add fresh, seasonal splashes of colour as well as spots and stripes. I can’t get bored with them!

My clothes are made in Budapest. The knee-patches are made out of leftover leather bits, and in this way support sustainability in design. I always keep leftover materials to use up, for example I make tiny hats to give away to premature babies. I’m also planning DIY sessions for bigger kids.

I’m not a factory, so each of my clothes carries the imprint of the day they were made. I love them but I’m so happy to pass them on to you and your baby to enjoy!